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Home Automation Cuts Costs Giving You More Money to Spend Elsewhere!

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It’s the holiday season! And that means a tendency to be spending a bit more than we normally would (and often should!). So maybe it’s a good time to consider ways to save money as well as spend it?

Home automation is one way to cut costs. “Hold on,” you’re probably thinking. “To have a home automation system means I have to pay money monthly, so how’s that a cost cutting technique?”

Yes, my friend, a home automation system costs money, but it pays you back in several ways. Think of it like an investment: You have to spend a little in one area to save a little in another. Here’s how…

First off, the cost of the home automation system is likely less than you think. Many home security setups cost under $40 per month, which is less than you’d pay for dinner at a restaurant once a month. And once you have the home security system, your homeowner’s insurance will likely decrease in price, so really the monthly cost is less than sticker price.

Now, as far as the actual home automation part of all of this, here’s how it saves you money:

On your electric bill
With a home automation system automatically turning on the lights, electric heat or air conditioner at specified times of the day, you’ll definitely save money compared to leaving lights on all day to make it look like someone’s home, or heating an empty house. Consider too the outside lights. You need those on when you get home after dark, but you don’t want to leave them on all day, right? The home automation system turns on the lights at just the right time, so your house looks occupied and your path from garage to back door is well lit—all without having to pay to leave all those lights on all day.

On your heating bill
If your house is heated by something other than electric—like natural gas—you’ll still lower your monthly bills by using the home automation system to control the heat while you’re not home. Forget leaving the heat on all day just so no one has to walk into a frigid house. Use the home automation system to warm the house up just in time for your homecoming instead! In addition, if you have pets home alone all day, you can set the thermostat to be comfortable for them, without the poor things shivering through an entire day of no heat at all.

On your risk
The average cost to a homeowner who is the victim of a burglary is over $2,000 according to the FBI. Depending on damage done and items stolen, the cost could be significantly higher. With a home automation and security system—complete with obvious signage in the yard—your home is a lot less likely to be the one burgled, saving you a lot more money than you’ll spend for the service over the course of a year!

On your babysitter
If you knew the kids come home to a warm, well-lit house on those days they get back before you do, you could save a few dollars on paying a sitter to be there to welcome them home. Just make sure the cookie jar is full, however, so they truly feel “welcomed home.”

On your therapist
OK, we’re admittedly a little tongue in cheek with this one, but couldn’t you use a little less stress in your life? If a home automation system enables you to cross something off of your “worried about” list, isn’t there a payback to that? We’re all healthier and happier when our stress is at a manageable level, and that means fewer trips to the therapist or doctor–which is definitely a cost saver!

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and homes will only get “smarter” as home automation and other home technologies continue to improve and offer ever more features. But why wait? Start saving money today with a home automation system—and then go do a little more holiday gift buying, knowing you’re cutting costs in other ways!

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